Your wedding day 

Let's break this down into chunks. 


getting ready/ prep

I usually start off with detail shots of your dress/suit, shoes, flowers, rings, jewellery, anything you'd like really. This usually then leads into you getting ready, having moments with your wedding party, first looks with your family and .

first look 

Entirely optional. Some people like to see each other before the ceremony. It means you guys get to have a moment together beforehand, you can talk about your excitement and just spend a minute in the calm before the storm. It also means we get to take a couple of shots of the two of you then, meaning less time taken later on so you can do more dancing. 


The important bit! Coverage here depends on your venue and who is conducting the ceremony. Please check that you're happy with what your officiant is allowing.

I ninja around and get some shots of the two of you saying your vows, exchaning rings and of course that first kiss!

cocktail hour

Candids, candids, candids. Drinks are flowing, maybe some lawn games. I'll capture your guests having a good time. I tend to just dart around getting pictures of people laughing, enjoying themselves and of course the two of you socialising with everyone you've invited! 


Formal group shots

If you want them, formal group shots provide a record of your day. Some people choose to do formal shots with their family and something a little less formal with the wedding party. I'll get a list of your formal shots from you before the day, but I always ask you to stick to 8 combinations. If you go for much more,  you'll find you're really eating into canapé time. 


During the speeches I look for emotional moments. Laughing, cheering, crying anything that really puts across how those moments made you feel! 
As a photographer, it's all about making you remember the speeches through the moments I capture. I can't give you audio, but I can jog your memory! 

Couples shots 

BOOM. These are the ones you want to hang on your wall, make your profile picture and OOOO. I usually take you out twice during the day, usually only for ten or twenty minutes. For me, it's less about posing and more about getting the two of you to interact together, whether that means passionate kissing or fits of laughter, I want to capture who you are when you're together. Walking, talking, being generally in love are heavily encouraged. 

Reception/Evening do