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'Sharing is caring' - Chelsea, my little sister.

If we've worked together I'd love for you to get in touch so we can share some images, or alternatively maybe I sent you a link here... 

If you made something awesome/ did something awesome/ painted some awesome faces, etc, then you totally deserve to see what the outcome of your hard work is & I want to share it with you! All my wonderful clients get personal printing rights for their images, this doesn't quite extend to suppliers though & honestly, I'd just prefer to hear from you!

Have a little look below to see what I offer. 



Web/social useage.

For any web/social use, things like your instagram, facebook or personal website, I'm happy to share high resolution images free of charge - all I ask is that you give me a credit on the platform! (I try and credit all vendors that I know worked with me, so let's share the love.) We work our arses off and you deserve to showcase your work in the best form possible, sometimes iPhone just don't cut it! 

single images Commercial use.

Ok, so this is slightly different. Anywhere you want to use an image where you will not be able to use a credit back to me. Such as a brochure, flyers or even if you'd just like to pop them on the web without a credit. For a single image, it's £40, but you can use this image multiple times. This means you can distribute the images wherever you like, without worrying about 'infringing my copyright' and all that jazz. 

super awesome commercial use deluxe+ 

If you're after a set of images, more than one to showcase your work, get in touch, we'll try and sort you out a better rate for your set. Anything more than one counts so let me know. If we've worked together on numerous weddings, (GO TEAM), then this can work across different sessions too. 

All use is subject to a strict 'no instagram filter' policy. I spend time editing so they look this good! 

How to Credit me


Here's some useful links, please use them:

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