Me, you, Contracts & Commitments

So, I guess you're here because you're thinking about booking. So here's all the information you need to know about booking, what's included and all that other important stuff. 


My Style 

A simple, laid back documentary approach with BOOM couples photos thrown into the mix. 

You'll get a documentary appraoch to the day, lots of candids, some formal group shots if you want them and some stunning couples portraits if you give me a few minutes of your day. 

How I work

I work best if given a little free reign. Let me run around like a ninja and get all those shots that'll make you tear up. I work relatively light, usually carrying two bodies at a time so I have the gear to capture any opportunity. 

Shot lists make me sad. If I spend the day ticking off moments that google says you need captured then I miss all those important little unscripted moments that happen throughout the day and in the end that's what'll mean the most to you. 


So if that sounds good to you check out some sample gallerys here and check that this is what you're after. A laid back approach to photography with a result you'll happily hang on your wall. you probably stumbled across my website and now you're like 'oh ok, maybe this is the right photographer for us!?'

Send me a message and we can look at going forward, arrange a quick chat and sort out any details or pressing questions. 


Contract & booking 

In order to book your day, I need the contract signed and returned. This is all done electronically so it's super easy and turned around quickly. It also means you can access it wherever and whenever you need to! 

Alongside the contract you also make your first payment towards the wedding booking. This is £250. This is due at the same time as the signing of the contract. Without one or the other the booking is not complete and not binding. 

In the run up to the day 

Feel free to get in touch if you have any questions or need anything. Sometimes venues like to see my insurance, sometimes you'll have a couple of questions, maybe you want some recommendations for other sweet suppliers. Just drop me a line! 

I'll get in touch usually a few months before your day to sort out your complimentary engagement shoot so we can meet face to face and get some shots of the two of you before your big day.