What the hell is a connection session?

Connection Session Packages

Collection II

75+ photographs

Images delivered in an online gallery 

Travel included throughout the UK 


Collection I

40+ photographs

Images delivered in an online gallery

Travel within 35 miles of NE1 postcode



What should I wear?

Whatever makes you happy. Whatever you're comfortable in. If you want to turn up in a long flowing dress and suit go for it, we'll get some stunning images. If you're more comfortable in a button down shirt and some jeans then I'd be happier for you to be happy and not nervous. The only thing I'd really suggest avoiding - stripes and anything you don't want to get even slightly mucky, sometimes mucky and great images go hand in hand. I sometimes get people asking if they can bring a change of clothes and swap halfway, as a fellow indecisive person I understand... and that's fine too! 

Where should we have it?

Is there somewhere that springs to mind immediately? Lots of people choose a place that's special to them, where you first met, had your first date, a beach or walk you two frequent together. If you're definitely stuck for ideas I know loads of local spots that are super photogenic - we're so lucky here in the North East!

Does it have to be just the two of us? 

No! Often people will bring along little ones and turn it into more of a family session and that's totally fine! 

EW. Do we have to kiss?

Haha, I get this alot. If you're not down with the overly affection PDA's that's totally fine, we'll just go with something fun and happy. The session is mainly about the two of you connecting and interacting together. I don't want you to feel uncomfortable. Just do what makes you happy. 

What if I'm nervous?

So many of my couples say this before the session - and their the ones featured in the photos above. It's my job as your chosen photographer to make you feel comfortable and draw the nerves out. You may feel a bit uncomfortable at the start, but hopefully by the end of the session you're feeling much happier about me snapping away. 

Can we do something mad? 

ERM YES. Let's climb a mountain. Let's put a sofa in a field. Let's go for a hike. I get excited about these things. 

Can I book just a connection session?

Yes, happily! All the information for this is just at the bottom of the page, fill in the form with your ideas and information and I'll get back to you as soon as I can. 

Hints and tips, please, Beth? 

Be yourselves. Yourselves when no one else is around. These ones are the shots you'll look at and think "Damn, she really caught us there". Don't worry about rain and wind, roll with it, enjoy the breeze. Finally, just have fun and enjoy it. It's not supposed to be scary - it's supposed to be great!

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